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Are you following Gym Etiquette?

So you have joined a new gym and it’s the ideal one that you’ve always looked forward to. After the initial acquaintance with the gym, you have started your workouts. But did you know, that there are certain unspoken rules to follow in every gym?

Here are a few to remember:

· Equipments are meant to be shared. In case you would like to use a certain weight, bar, plate or machine (which is currently in use by someone else), you can always ask them when they would get done or if you could share sets with them

· Avoid placing any of your personal belongings like phones, bottles or towels, on benches. The benches are meant to be used by people working out

· There are lockers to keep your personal belongings. If you need to access your phone or use your bottle, you can always keep it by the window

· The gym is a shared space. Do not take up the entire space for your workout. It is important to co exist

· Always re rack equipments after using them

· Never drop weights

· Avoid making unnecessary noises while working out

· Use a towel, especially if you sweat a lot

· Do not ogle at others who working out

· Gyms are for working out and not for lounging. Respect space

· Avoid wearing too much cologne / deodorant or perfume

· Keep the washroom clean while using it

· Locker doors need to be shut after usage

Always consider gyms as spaces where you are getting to transform yourself for the better. Hence they are sacred spaces! Treat them just like you would, your home :-)

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