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Have you been making the best use of your time?

A while ago, a friend of mine and me, were having this discussion about how we feel like we are in a sort of time warp, beginning to wonder where our lives are taking us…A lot of my friends and acquaintances have been experiencing the same ‘limbo’, as we call it.

I read a very interesting article recently, which talked about something similar; and the author used the word ‘lifequake’, which gave me a lot to introspect on.

We all know of an earthquake, which of course by virtue has the ability to disrupt eco systems. But what about a ‘lifequake’, which has been caused by the Pandemic? It does nothing short of an earthquake in terms of it's magnitude.

So to speak, a lot of people have lost their loved ones, jobs, their standard of living, finances, and have also ended up with compromised physical and mental health, due to the pandemic.

It has been a lifequake of sorts which has disrupted most lives. Instead of looking at life as Linear, with a beginning and an end, why don’t we look at it as being non linear, having different stages, in terms of learning and realisation?

· Stage 1: This is around the time from the adolescent age to our 20s where there is a lot of learning through trial and error. We make mistakes, learn new things, sometimes unlearn and start building our ‘worldview’

· Stage 2: Starts from our thirties, and moves all the way till our late forties. This stage has a significant role to play in us forming perceptions of ourselves, our relationships, breaking out of toxic relationships and re building our lives

· Stage 3: This stage begins from our 50s where we start to slow down our pace, learn to value what we have, tap into our spiritual side, have a more realistic view of the world and nurture our relationships

Although these stages might vary and not everyone can connect with them; however, by and large, most of us have been through a few of these stages at least.

But how we do we cope with the feeling of stagnation, or anxiety due to the unpredictability that these last two years have brought with it?

Firstly, none of us are alone in this, and secondly, this is not a permanent feature in the entirety of our lives..

Having spoken to a few wise souls, I’ve come to a realisation that by unfollowing a few ‘unhealthy habits’ and adopting a few ‘good ones’, has not only helped my psyche but has also had me feeling more energetic physically.

The ‘not so desirable’ habits that I personally unfollowed were:

· Sleeping and waking up late

· Having the temptation to order unhealthy food from outside

· TV time at night – which I reduced considerably

· Procrastinating on things I should be doing – like reading or praying for example

· Dwelling on negativity or negative people

· Letting myself be unproductive

The good habits that I adopted, and I highly recommend:

1. Sleeping early and waking up with 8 hours of sleep, helps the body reboot as well as makes the mind calmer. This also helps in keeping the skin looking refreshed

2. A one hour workout, helps the body stay fit and healthy

3. Having a routine, with a good amount of planning everyday for the next day, helps to stay on track and be productive

4. Keeping a journal with the goals set for the day, helps maintain integrity

5. When you plan your productive timing, with the hours set, you will make sure you stay with it

6. Eat healthy on a daily basis with a ‘cheat’ day on Sunday. Give yourself a treat that day!

7. Praying / chanting helps centre yourself

8. Reading books that are positive, which also help you connect with yourself

9. While working, focus completely on the task at hand. Even while attending online meetings, stay focused and avoid distractions

What we need to master, is ‘transition’, and acceptance of the fact that as we grow older, we will only be undergoing a renewal of sorts. Instead of looking at our lives, as stages where we deteriorate; why not embrace what each stage has in store for us, by unlearning old ‘negative’ habits and adopting ‘positive’ ones?

Like the Vulcans in the famous series / movie: Star Trek say, ‘live long and prosper’.

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Well written😊❤️. I like the word lifequake, it touched and i realised what happened last 2 years..

Me gusta
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