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How to write effective emails in 2021

Recently, I came across a very interesting article on writing effective yet ‘humane’ emails. With our lives having changed, due to the ongoing pandemic, the structure of a lot of our jobs and communication has changed.

Communication in the form of messages and emails.

When it comes to the professional space, writing an email to a peer, a senior or subordinate, or even a prospective client, the essential elements to factor in, would be as follows:

1. Concise email:

Since you aren’t aware of the situation the person might be in, you would want to keep your email short and precise and state the reason why you are messaging them. The second paragraph should comprise of the main information you would like to convey and the third may end with a note of humour. Avoid showing urgency in awaiting replies.

2. Introductory message:

When you would begin an email in the past, you would start the email with:

“Dear XX,

Hope this e mail finds you in the best of health and happiness”.

Ideally now, your email should sound like:

“Dear XX,

Hope this e mail finds you and your family safe and in optimum health.”

If you would like to add a personal touch, you can always add a touch of humour, at the end of the mail, like “Work from home life is quite an adventure with the children innovating new activities. I’m sure you can relate” (In case you are aware of their family).

3. Make sure your email reflects positivity:

Any email you write, should show a certain amount of personalized touch and positivity. No matter how many people you write to, even if it is the same mail, it needs to reflect how you truly feel and why you have reached out to them

4. Be honest in your communication:

As much as it is important to state the facts and be honest, you should also not overdo the COVID -19 talk. Make sure you state the facts in your email about your intent.

The third paragraph should be the concluding part of your mail about how you would like to hear from them. For example: Look forward to your revert on this.

You can always end with:

‘Look forward to your revert’,

‘Warm regards’ OR Best regards…

A complete email with all the facts, stated concisely, will always go a long way

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