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Corporate Stylist of the Year 2020 Award

As a young girl, I would always watch people receive awards and imagine how they would be feeling holding the award in their hands...That dream came true, as I received a prestigious award which was, ‘Corporate Stylist of the Year 2020'…

When I got to know that I would be receiving it, as much as I was on seventh heaven, I was also a little concerned about travelling to Goa (where the ceremony was going to take place), what with COVID doing the rounds. However, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. As much as I braced myself for the trip, I decided not to let fear manifest.

The airport, although crowded, was very safe with so many safety protocols in place. Goa bustled with energy as always and the event was beautiful! It was such an honour to share the stage with some famous designers, actors, VJs, hoteliers etc.

I would like to thank DANJ Entertainment for bestowing me with this award as well as Gagan Myne and Ridhima Roy Burman who have been instrumental in my pageant journey as Styling and Grooming partner.

As much as the new normal is scary, it has also created awareness in people about the environment, social distancing, wearing the mask etc. For the first time in my life, more than a new dress, I decided to buy a protective yet fancy mask online, and that was my

biggest thrill;-)!

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