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Detox your mind and body post Diwali

Diwali 2020, was pretty much a quiet affair for most people across the country, what with everyone worrying about their health and protecting themselves. But that didn’t deter a lot of folks from hosting Diwali parties in their homes privately. It is a celebration every year and one mustn’t have dampened feelings about a festival, as it comes only once a year!

Now, we all know how Diwali brings with it fanfare and yes a lot of eating and binging! Sweets flow across most of our homes, with a lot of fried food and delectable delights doing the rounds. Post Diwali, most of us end up feeling bloated, after consuming so many sweets and varieties of delicacies.

Now let’s look at how to address the body, when it comes to the post festival situation:

1. You don’t really need to go on a diet, because that is the immediate reaction to binging. All you need to do, is to go slow when it comes to consuming food. Slow down on sweets and anything that has sugar (best to avoid)

2. Fried food should be cut down on and instead, fruits and vegetables, should be incorporated in your diet

3. Opt for fruits and vegetables that are rich in alkaline. Watermelons, ripe bananas, lemons etc. are some examples of alkaline rich fruits, whilst broccoli, tomatoes, ginger, mushrooms etc. are of vegetables

4. Avoid processed food of any kind, like sausages and salami (if you are a meat eater), and canned food. Cereals, pasta, bread and dairy products tend to increase the acidity factor in the body. Hence, they can be avoided. Instead opt for cooked food or incorporate salads in your meals. (You don’t have to torture yourself with ‘sad tasting’ salads..LOL! There are a lot of interesting combinations of salads, available on the internet which you could choose from

5. Consuming Rainbow coloured (different coloured) fruits and vegetables on a daily basis will give your body it's essential dose of vitamins, minerals and proteins

6. Get into the exercise regime daily. Walk, jog (cardio) and if weight training works, do that as well

7. Drink warm water, with a dash of lemon and honey when you wake up every morning. It would help in digestion and also keep your weight in check

When you bring in these lifestyle changes into your life, your body would respond positively to you:-)

As much as the body needs to be nourished well, the mind too needs a good amount of nourishment for optimum performance of bodily functions. Post festivals and holidays can be slightly daunting for most people, and can bring in the whole ‘I need to get back to the grind’ feeling.

Here are a few things that you can adopt in order to detox your mind and feel good on a daily basis:

1. Practise Yoga or meditation every morning, as a ritual. This would not only calm your mind, but would also help set your intent for the day

2. Combine breathing practices with your workout, so that you are bringing in a holistic 'feel good' factor

3. Set your goals / plan for the day and tick mark everything that your have accomplished

4. Talk to a friend or a loved one, anytime you feel like you are in a 'slump' mode

5. Take breaks from work, from time to time and either walk, or look at nature (for example, trees or plants around you). This can be very soothing to the eye. If you do have grass in your garden, walk barefooted on it for a while. It will help you stay rooted.. Literally!

Last but not the least, practice gratitude, by writing down (at the end of the day), all the things that went well that particular day. You will notice how, your mind and body will respond to the newfound positivity!!

Stay happy and healthy:-)

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