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Dining Etiquette while out on a date

Dining Etiquette while on a date

Most men and women are perplexed about how to conduct themselves in a restaurant while out on a date. They worry about the do’s and the dont’s and what might just make or break the date. As much as it is important that one needs to be comfortable and be oneself, while meeting a person for the first time, it is also essential that one follows the unspoken norms that define good etiquette and conduct. This would help in creating a lasting positive impression, irrespective of whether things work out between the two of you or not.

Here are some of the interesting facts about dates:

· There are no hard and fast rules that need to be adhered to. Just go with the flow

· You can choose a restaurant that works for the both of you in terms of the cuisine

· Let the person asking you out, choose the cuisine for the both of you. This removes the pressure of making choices

· Dates are more about getting to know each other better, rather than dining;-)

Certain factors that need to be kept in mind while dining at a date:

· Avoid ordering difficult food, like spaghetti which might be a little messy and would end up embarrassing you if you aren’t a pro at eating spaghetti (Also, avoid cutting spaghetti into smaller pieces)

· If you decide to order a drink, make sure you stick to one or maximum two drinks, as you would want to be alert and attend to your date. Wine is the most preferable and looks elegant too (Make sure you don’t drive back if you are drinking)

· Always order food that is not very expensive, especially when you know that the other person who has asked you out, will be paying for it

· As much as you might be hungry on a date, you would like to keep the food consumption to a minimum as you would want to be more interested in getting to know the person rather that focus on eating

· Make sure you know your ‘cutlery etiquette’ before you go out on a date. The fork is on the left hand and the knife is on the right. Make sure you also know how to rest your cutlery while taking breaks from the food and conversing

· Avoid resting your elbows on the table. You may rest your wrists

· The napkin should be rested on your lap and only to dab the corners of your mouth. (Not the entire face!)

· The person who would be footing the bill, should do so with grace and not make it obvious. The guest can always offer to pay as a matter of courtesy

Last but not the least, it is considered gentlemanly to open the door for the lady while on the way out. Dates are meant to for getting to know each other. Make sure you are at ease and enjoy your time together!:-)

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