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Experience the art of personal shopping

Shopping is an exciting experience for some, while it can be quite daunting for others. I personally have always loved shopping for myself and others and this is one of the reasons why I have chosen my profession of Image Consulting.

When I take my clients out for shopping, I make sure that we go equipped with a shopping list and buy only the garments / accessories that are required based on the roles and goals especially after a thorough wardrobe evaluation and elimination process of clothes that don’t serve the purpose.

There’s always a temptation for impulse purchase (which ultimately makes one land up with clothes that don’t work for most occasions and risk being restrictive)…

Some of the fun things that I’ve discovered about shopping at stores are:

· One has the liberty to pick and choose the garment, sizes, feel the fabric and try them on

· There is always the exciting aspect of exploring stores before finalizing the garments/ accessories

· The look and feel of garments would be exactly as you see them and trying them on gives a better perspective

· Every store has a different shopping experience and the store assistants are always there to help with sizes

· Alterations are possible in many of the chain stores which helps in giving the right fit

Why should you hire an Image Consultant / Personal Shopper?

· An Image Consultant is able to understand and train you on your body shape, face shape, personal colours, your roles, goals as well as the ideal wardrobe that you need to have

· The Consultant takes you through a number of sessions that would educate you on the ideal way to appear and present yourself, and what styles of garments should ideally exist in your wardrobe

· After thorough evaluation of your lifestyle and personal style, and the wardrobing process, the consultant prepares your shopping list of clothes that are essential to you, based on your current needs and requirements

· The Consultant will always choose styles of clothes that would be in accordance with your personality and that you would be comfortable wearing

· She will make sure that she would choose styles that would be in accordance with your budget as well

· The Image Consultant is aware of the styles, fabrics, patterns, colours etc. of garments that work for you and when she accompanies you, she has an in depth understanding of stores and the latest trends that exist there

· When the Consultant accompanies you, she shortlists clothes and asks your perspective before making you try them on

· She will also give you a practical understanding of clothes that work and those that don’t work for you, so that you are able to make you own choices in the future, and wise ones at that!

Employing the services of an Image Consultant, will help you obtain a wardrobe comprising of clothes that you find desirable and those that would help you look attractive, and suit all your activities and occasions:-)

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